Lower your cost of caring

If you help a loved one stay safe and healthy, you're a family caregiver. And that can get expensive. RubyWell can help reduce your caregiving costs, so you can regain financial stability.
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RubyWell helps all family caregivers, regardless of insurance coverage

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Find the lowest prices on the things you need to provide your best care. We’re building tools that will help you reduce your day-to-day expenses, because a little extra money in your pocket can add up over time. Check our our prescription savings tool, where you can find coupons for up to 80% off prescriptions for your whole family.

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Read thoughtful and educational articles about topics that matter to family caregivers.Understand your state’s family leave laws. We’re building a Well of Resources to guide you on your financial journey through caregiving.

Coming soon: Navigate the benefits you have with ease and discover insurance benefits you may not know you have. 

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Also coming soon: Get paid for the care you provide. RubyWell is developing an exciting solution that can make every family caregiver a paid caregiver. Your work is valuable. You deserve to be compensated.

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RubyWell helps all family caregivers, regardless of insurance coverage

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Get monthly discounts on prescription drugs

Save up to 80% on over 10,000 prescriptions at thousands of pharmacies nationwide. It’s free to sign up and start saving instantly. 
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Maximize your insurance benefits

Too many insurance benefits go unused every year because they’re difficult to access. Soon, RubyWell will help you identify and access your loved one's benefits—and your own—so you can maximize your savings.
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Real deals for your real situation

Fill out quick surveys, complete your profile, and tell us what you need! We’ll send you various ways to save, earn, and learn, shaped by your needs.

and more!

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We can relate

A lot of us here at RubyWell are family caregivers, too. And we know that everyone’s caregiving situation is unique. But at some point, we all need help. 

I'm taking care of my dad. He is 80 YO. I heard I can get paid for taking care of him as a caregiver but I can't find info on how to apply online or where to go? Can anyone explain to me step-by-step on how to apply please?

I care for my wife who is ill, and it's been frustrating because we have kids and don't want to dip into what we've saved for them for college. But since I've had to cut my hours at work we need that extra income. Spouses don't qualify for caregiver compensation in my state. We're just looking for ways to save money, make some extra income and avoid asking friends and family for help.

I have lost a few jobs because I constantly have to leave work or take off work to take my husband to the doctor. How do I apply for caregiver benefits? I'm having difficulty navigating the confusing forms and program names.

I'm caring for both of my parents. My Dad has Alzheimer's, and my mom has COPD and depression related issues. She's fresh off pacemaker surgery which went well, but the recovery has been hard. And my dad just got diagnosed with a kidney stone. It's been a lot to deal with.

I'm looking to get paid for taking care of a sick parent battling pancreatic cancer. I had to leave my job and have been without income. My family is struggling financially because of this.

Join RubyWell to find financial hacks that can lower your cost of caring

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We were inspired to start RubyWell by the personal experiences and challenges we encountered while caring for people we love.

We invite all family caregivers to find ways to save, find, and earn money with RubyWell. So you can focus on caring for your aging loved ones, and yourself.
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